Arachnid Orchestra. Jam Sessions

Arachnid Orchestra

23 October 2015 — 20 December 2015

Arachnid Orchestra. Jam Sessions at NTU CCA Singapore is a complete new production by Tomás Saraceno that brings his long-term research on spider webs into the realm of sound. The artist will use spider webs as musical instruments embodying the incredible structural properties of the spider’s silk, but also spider’s sophisticated mode of communication through vibrations. Arachnid Orchestra. Jam Sessions is an interactive sound and visual installation, a process-driven laboratory for experimentation that pushes the boundaries of interspecies communication.

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NOISE FOR NEPAL | support!

NOISE for Nepal

NOISE FOR NEPAL is a compilation that features various extreme artist/bands from all around the world with genre ranging from Death Metal – Grindcore – Black Metal – Experimental Noise.

A devastating Earthquake of magnitude 7.8 hit Nepal on April 25 followed by hundreds of powerful aftershocks and this phenomenon is still going on till today (5/26/2015). With more than 9000 deaths and nearly a million houses destroyed, Nepal needs your help. Go here to support:

The money raised from this sale will be used to help victims of the earthquake. All the updates will be posted on our official fb page:

Thank you all the bands and artist for coming together for this. We are thankful from all corners of our heart.

Cover Design: Lou Rusconi

released 26 May 2015

noisiV | Moribundus Lumen Solis


noisiV  is  pleased  to  announce  the online release of their latest sonic
endeavours  –  Moribundus  Lumen  Solis  (wish  you  were  here).

A  first  collaboration  between  noisiV  and  IP.  Combining  digital  and
analogue,  noise  and melody, even the tense and the soothing. These tracks
are  taken from the recordings of 5 days of sessions at an altitude of 800M
in a remote house with good people and beautiful surroundings. Presented to
you in chronological order.

Made possible by the residency project, Animal/homme Acte 2, Vassivière, France, organised by Maria Mouriès E. of APU2M. September 2014.

have  a  listen.  download  it.  and -if you can -pay a
little  bit.  paypal  is possible, but so too is a simple bank transfer or
visa transaction. name your price.


zzjoan usb audio zine / collection of vagrant sonic fictions
curated by Dane Sutherland for the Satellites Programme
Collective Gallery, Edinburgh

The rubbled architecture of the semantic apocalypse is a jambient meshwork of infectious crypto-fictions, arche-hymns, cargo-cult objectiles and the untethered futurities of permanent collapse. A tentacular-empire-machine.

Swarming visions, speculations and transmissions are hereby retro-clothed in vaporware, to be neurocast for further maladaptation by the following memechanics of the salvaged future:

AAS, The Confraternity of Neoflagellants, Plastique Fantastique, Head Gallery, Jillian Mayer, WE, English Heretic, Michelle Hannah, Benedict Drew, POLLYFIBRE, The Cult of RAMM:ΣLL:ZΣΣ, Xempeer and Kornelia Remø Klokk.