HEROPERA | Trickster

HEROPERA[ Image by Zeloot ]

17 mei: try-out
19 mei: premi
@UBIK/WORM, Boomgaardstraat 71, 3012 XA Rotterdam, NL
20:30 – 22:30 

HEROPERA is an improvised, ‘ad-lib’ performance deconstructing the opera medium and challenging traditional ideas about heroism and storytelling. Sparked by speculative fiction and rooted in various disciplines, TRICKSTER plays around with the cultural and visual codes of opera, practising the relational, the messy, the spontaneous, the unpredictable. Instead of tragic heroines who sacrifice or annihilate themselves, this opera stages five women who can conjure up something on the spot, and are not afraid of not knowing (yet). Non-heroism and the unseen therefore also earn their spot in this collective ‘work’ (operare). While venturing into a post-normal future, all TRICKSTERs are collaboratively and simultaneously the actors, singers, writers, scenographers, composers and technicians of this show. 

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VINE PEST Vs TREE MAN | noisy immersive ritual shakes Berkshire…gently

Sunn0))) at ATP 2007

I was reminded last night whilst watching a performance entitled ’Ante Phylloxera’ by Rochelle Goldberg, Veit Laurent Kurz, and Stefan Tcherepnin at South Street Arts Centre in Reading, of just how awesome the drone metal band Sunn0))) are. And just how terrifyingly unsettled I became during their performance in 2007 during their set at ATP, Minehead. A decade ago! This memory has stuck with me. And it’s more than a memory. I can still smell the intoxicating dried ice, feel the deep drone vibrations, and shudder at the image of the Tree man (their some time frontman Attila Csihar) as he beckoned the audience towards his otherworldly faceless figure, with a long stick finger, on which was perched a stuffed black raven. Wrapped almost mummy-like in the tree mask (by artist Nader Sadek), his vocals conjured haunting resonances that ricocheted through the Butlin’s Dance Hall, reconstituting every splinter of its wooden structure. Dave Burrows claims that performance fictions can ‘open up new paradigms through privileging multiplicity or the mutation of relations’ and that this in turn can produce points where ‘new perspectives are explored’. Immersive ritualistic noise should distort experience of place, change perspectives, conjure new senses, and, to quote Burrows ‘open up new paradigms’. Otherwise we become a bit too aware of people performing, with costumes and props and masks and drift into a sleepy state of recalling past experiences that did in effect expose us to other worlds. It is probably counterproductive to compare the two but with its combination of branch head dresses, folk costume and sustained drone sounds, unfortunately, the South street performance that called itself after a wine was a little too like a watered down version of the Tree man and made me thirsty for the Sunn0))) vintage.

Ante Phylloxera

An exhibition of work by Goldberg, Kurz, Tcherepnin and Törnudd in partnership with Jelly runs from Saturday 14 October to Saturday 11 November 2017.
Unit 53, Broad Street Mall, Reading RG1 7QE, UK

(Top image: Sunn0))), All Tomorrow’s Nightmares, ATP, Minehead, 2007. Bottom image: Ante Phylloxera, South Street Arts Centre, Reading, 8 October 2017)

Sonic Speculations | Art Lacuna

Sonic Speculations for A Convivial Discussion: Up the Junction brings together Christine Ellison (POLLYFIBRE), Steve Klee and Maggie Roberts (Orphan Drift).
Thursday 28 July 6.30 – 9pm


Sonic Speculations is a research event in which Sinead Bligh’s exhibition Up the Junction acts as a platform to discuss the relationships between spectators, sound and material reality. A range of presentations and screenings will culminate in discussion. Steve Klee’s questions of human agency with, or against, material conditions permeate the event, which Christine Ellison cuts through with sonic objects, as Orphan Drift’s sci-fi landscapes of our current and future material realities propagate and spread virally across the space.

The event has been co-ordinated by Kirsten Cooke with Sinéad Bligh and is programmed in conjunction with Bligh’s current exhibition Up the Junction at ArtLacuna, nr Clapham Junction station. 




mattin -prolet

11–13 APRIL 2016 | Cafe Oto

Three-day residency entitled ‘Noise & Reality: The Malevolence of our Times’ – curated by Basque artist, Mattin. Working mostly with noise and improvisation, Mattin has over 70 releases on numerous international labels and has collaborated with the likes of Tony Conrad, Taku Sugimoto, Oren Ambarchi, Junko and Bruce Russell. He has also written about improvisation, free software and against the notion of intellectual property.

Inigo Wilkins and Cecile Malaspina: conversation on noise and epistemology

”              ” [sic] Tim Goldie
Billy Bao

Anguish Language (with different participants)
Miguel Prado and Mattin: Evacuation of the Voice (release concert)

Laboria Cuboniks & d-n-e:: Sounding of the Xenofeminist Manifesto

Xabier Erkizia

Ray Brassier (via Skype) and Mattin: conversation on alienation

Seymour Wright and Sally Golding

Social Realist Score (Working Draft) post-workshop performance

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Christine Sun Kim | Rustle Tustle

Christine Sun Kim Rustle Tustle

Being deaf in a world of sound is like living in a foreign country blindly following the cultural rules, customs, and behaviours without ever questioning them … Sound is almost like money and power. It’s so powerful that it could either disempower me and my art, or empower me. I chose to be empowered. – Christine Sun Kim

Christine Sun Kim will make her debut in the UK with an ambitious exhibition probing the social and political realities ingrained in the use of voices – hers as well as others’. In Rustle Tustle, the Berlin-based artist, who was born deaf, invites viewers to expand their understanding of what sound is and can be, undermining the all-prevailing “sound etiquette” set by hearing culture.

The exhibition will showcase a new series of drawings exploring the links between sign language and music, an interactive, walkable installation Game of Skill (2015) – which uses gallery visitors as moving instruments, teaching them a new way to listen – and a new video work, Close Readings (2015).

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